What began as a few land-focused agents partnering to better serve their geography, turned into multiple highly-experienced agents from different brokerages across the country joining forces. American Legacy Land Co. was born and we’re proud to house some of the best land agents in the industry under one “roof”.

American Legacy Land Co. is an ever-growing team of over 30 land-specialized agents covering several states and counting throughout the Midwest. We are very selective in hiring agents who have agricultural or outdoor recreational backgrounds and who work, live and breathe land. Our agents are experts in outdoor properties from farm and ranch land, to hunting and recreational properties, to development ground. They understand the nuances of land ownership and stewardship.

We are privately owned and pride ourselves in our strong Midwestern values. Building relationships with the people who work and own land is important to us, along with sustaining the legacy and history of any land that changes hands.

Reach out to your local American Legacy Land Co land agent for more information about our brokerage and how we can help you buy and sell land with the best guidance in the industry.


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